Fil d'Ariane

As nation-state formation is the most salient context in which ethnocultural boundaries are produced, Quebec, with its deep-rooted ambiguity on dominant group and ongoing project of national definition and political sovereignty separation from Canadaproves relevant for studying boundary processes. Examining gender-related arguments in the press coverage of religious accommodation debate reveals discursive practices of boundary patrolling, such as deprecating minority conceptions of femininity, masculinity, marriage and sexuality as archaic or pathological, which not only help delegitimizing multicultural accommodation and ideals, but also construct Quebec, a self-proclaimed latecomer into modernity, as the privileged site of gender equality and sexual freedoms that must be protected against religious others. Ce faisant, mon analyse approfondit la compréhension actuelle des processus de frontières de deux manières. La partialité de ce cadrage devient évidente lorsque des questions semblables sont présentées différemment. Les personnes coupables de tels crimes sont sévèrement punies par les lois canadiennes. Les Non-nous sont coupables, ils sont criminels.

Trouvez le grand amour: les meilleurs sites de rencontres aux Pays-Bas en 2020

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